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More Cottey!
More Cottey! Our wish was granted in 2011.5

The new fine arts building, 2012.
The new fine arts building will incorporate Neale Hall and be connected to Main Hall.11

Cottey students and professors in Japan, 2011.
Cottey students and professors in Japan, 2011.3

Sample board for the Hinkhouse renovation, 2011.
Sample board for the Hinkhouse renovation, 2011.5

Cottey student Caitlyn Davis (at center) in Central America, 2011.
Cottey student Caitlyn Davis (at center) in an indigenous community in Guatemala, 2011.9


Cottey Seeks to Offer Baccalaureate Programs

August: Cottey applies for accreditation to offer Bachelors degrees in Environmental Studies, English, and International Relations and Business.1 "These programs were selected based on their connection to the mission of the College as well as their appeal to prospective students."1

New Instructors Hired in Proposed Bachelor's Fields

September: Three new faculty members join Cottey in anticipation of the proposed Bachelor programs: Dr. Sylvio Mannel, professor of environmental studies; Dr. Michel Rakotomavo, associate professor of international business; and Dr. Paul Cook, assistant professor in English.2

Architect's rendering of the future Fine Arts Instructional Building, 2010.
Architect's rendering of the future Fine Arts Instructional Building, 2010.6 Can you spot Neale Hall?

New Fine Arts Building Design Unveiled

The new Fine Arts Instructional Building will be built on the north side of campus between Main Hall and Neale Hall, where Rosemary Hall used to stand. In 2008 Cottey's 20-year-plan called for Neale Hall to be demolished, but they have since decided to incorporate Neale Hall's structure into the new building "to preserve the heritage."4 Cottey officials warn that Neale "will look significantly different when work is completed," though.


Higher Learning Commission Visits

January 23-25: The Higher Learning Commission visits Cottey as part of its consideration to give the college accreditation to offer Bachelor's programs.1

First Trip to Japan

March: For the first time, Cottey seniors have the option of going to Tokyo, Japan for their International Experience. On March 11th, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck off the Pacific coast of Tōhoku, Japan, triggering a devastating tsunami. Thankfully the 14 Cottey students and 3 professors were 500 miles from the epicenter and returned to the U.S. uninjured.3 Cottey professor Dr. Watanabe was one of the professors there, and described the experience:

In spite of the disaster, students of our Cottey group learned a lot in Japan. Actually, they had a wonderful five-day experience in Japan, that is up until around 3 p.m. on Friday. We were in Sakudaira, Nagano (a mountain area) to visit a factory that makes the solar power system. After we visited there, we had a half hour to stop by a shopping mall in Sakudaira before our train left for Tokyo. When we got close to the building, we experienced the earthquake (the level 4 there). We thought it was a significant earthquake, but we didn’t realize the severity of the event (because it was 500 miles away from the epicenter). When we went back to the station, we were told that the train company wanted to stop the train for a while due to the earthquake. Later, we watched the TV and realized the magnitude of the earthquake in a northern part of Japan. After we waited for three or four hours, the train company (JR) told us that they were going to stop all the trains for the day. We had to look for a hotel to stay on the night. The next day (Saturday), we went back to Tokyo around 8 p.m., and on Sunday, as we planned (all 11 travelers planning to go back to the U.S. on Sunday), we were able to fly back to the United States.3

Cottey Authorized to Offer Bachelor's Programs

May 20: The Higher Learning Commission authorizes the college to register current students in the three selected bachelor of arts programs (Environmental Studies, English, and International Relations and Business), which will begin in the fall.5 Students in these programs will stay at Cottey for four years instead of two. "Cottey’s programs will incorporate messages of women’s leadership, social responsibility, and global awareness into the core curriculum. Cottey will be the only school in the country to offer programs with a focus on women's leadership."5

Basement of Hinkhouse Renovated

Summer: The ground floor of Hinkhouse, including Chellie Club, is renovated and refurbished using funds from the P.E.O. Foundation. "The Chellie Club will be updated with a coffee house ambiance, more modern decor, and relaxing seating. A highlight of the project will be an electric fireplace!"5

17 enroll in Cottey's New Bachelor of Arts Programs

Fall: 17 continuing students enroll in Cottey's inaugural year of B.A. programs.

New Study Abroad Opportunities

Cottey pilots a new study abroad program in fall semester. Senior Caitlyn Davis is the inaugural student, traveling to Guatemala, El Salvidor, and Nicaragua through the Center for Global Education of Augsburg College.9 In spring semester, nine students from the International Relations and Business B.A. program attend colleges in China, Turkey, Germany, and South Africa.10

Two more opportunites for study have been negotiated for future years: One for an English major at the University of Auckland in New Zealand in the fall of 2012, and another for five International Relations and Business majors at Hang Seng Management College in Hong Kong possibly beginning in spring of 2013.


First Returning Students Enter Bachelor's Programs

Spring: The first two Cottey students leave their transfer school to return to Cottey for a B.A. degree.10

First Trip to Barcelona

March: Cottey seniors embark on the college's first International Experience trip to Barcelona, Spain.4

Softball Field Groundbreaking

March 30: Groundbreaking for a new softball field for the Cottey Comets kicked off Founder's Weekend.7 The field's construction is funded by P.E.O. member Dorothy Dyer Vanek, who donated $125,000 for the project. Vanek Family Memorial Field will be ready for action in 2013.8

40+ Students Plan to Earn Bachelor's At Cottey

More than 40 first-, second-, and third-year Cottey students declare their intention to complete their B.A. degrees at Cottey.10 28 students are registered for the B.A. programs' 2012-2013 academic year.12

Cottey Adds Psychology Bachelor's Degree

Fall: Cottey adds Psychology as its fourth bachelor's program.

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