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Events include: Al Gore wins the popular vote but not the presidency, September 11th attacks, wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Space Shuttle Columbia explosion, federal budget deficit, Abu Ghraib and torture scandals, regional legalizations of same-sex marriage, advent of facebook and smart phones, national healthcare crisis

2001: In 2001, 47% of law degrees, 43% of medical degrees, and 39% of dentistry degrees are awarded to females; in 1970, the corresponding percentages were 5%, 8%, and 1%.

2001: Women earn 50% or more of degrees in social sciences, history, education, health, psychology, biological sciences, and business management.

Cottey Presidents:
Dr. Helen R. Washburn (1986-2004)
Dr. Judy R. Rogers (2004-Present)

A present wanders Cottey campus, 2005
Do I dare reveal who's in the box?
(Photo by Danielle Hawley, 2005)


Cottey students en route to London, 2006 Cottey students fill a plane to London, 2006.

First International Experience

Cottey's first "Capstone Trip" takes place.1 The senior class travels to London for a week of spring break, primarily paid for by the college. A senior trip to a European city becomes an annual tradition.


First Trip to Paris

Seniors take part in the first International Experience trip to Paris, France.2

Main Hall Renovated

Main Hall is renovated.


First Trip to Madrid

Seniors travel to Madrid for the first International Experience in Spain.3


First Online Courses Offered

Cottey offers a "Summer Distance Education Program" of online courses for the first time.4 Students can enroll in one or two of the following classes: Art Appreciation, English Composition 101, Business and Technical Communications, Creative Writing, Interpersonal Communications, and U.S. History Since 1877.

First LGBT* Club Organized

Cottey's first Straight-Gay Alliance is formed to raise awareness of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer issues. The name is changed to "LGBT Club" a few years later.


Open Door Policy Overturned

Fall: The Open Door Policy is finally abolished. Males are allowed in Cottey dorm rooms with the door shut for the first time in Cottey history.


First Trip to Italy

Cottey's senior class embarks on the first International Experience to Florence and Rome, Italy.

Repairing the boiler of Physical Plant, 2008.6

Summer Projects

The 70-year-old Physical Plant boiler is repaired, and four suite bathrooms in Robbie Hall are renovated.6 The bathrooms in P.E.O. and Reeves halls have already been done. Five bathrooms in Robbie .

The Peace Pole, 2010. The Peace Pole, 2010. (Courtesy Tiffany F. '10)

First Peace Week Celebrated

September 15-16: Cottey hosts its first Peace Week, including the dedication of the Peace Pole erected behind the Chapel.5 Events include a diversity workshop and a performance by the Afro-Latin Project.


Alternative International Trips Offered

Cottey begins to offer alternative international experiences to their senior class. Instead of going to Italy, students may choose to travel to Guatemala or New Zealand.

Co-Min suite poses before Centennial Dinner Co-Min suite poses before their Centennial Dinner in 2003. (Courtesy Molly R. '05)

Centennial Dinners Cut in Half

Due to budget cuts, Centennial Dinners are reduced to once every two years per suite. Prior to this, the five-course dinner had been held every year for each suite since 1984.

Four Suites Are Closed

Fall: For lack of students and to save money, four suites are closed this year: Michigan, New Mex, Wisconsin, and Co-Min.

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