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Events include: launch of the Hubble Space Telescope, Gulf War, adoption of the Kyoto Protocol, O.J. Simpson trial, cloning of Dolly the sheep, Human Genome Project, International Space Station constructed, advent of the internet, genetically engineered crops used commercially, Y2K scare

1992: The majority of students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs are women, although more men are enrolled in professional programs like medicine, law, and dentistry.

1993: Female college graduates earn, on average, salaries that are 20% less than the amount their male counterparts receive.

1993: The enrollment rate for women at 4-year institutions is 42%, compared to 36% for men. Women and men are equally likely to enroll in 2-year institutions (22%).

Cottey Presidents:
Dr. Helen R. Washburn (1986-2004)

Capping, 1993 Dr. Washburn visits with students lined up for Capping, 1993.

Rosemary Hall, 1979 Rosemary Hall, 1979.


Rosemary Hall Razed

Summer: After years of disrepair, 87-year-old Rosemary Hall is demolished.


Students Expelled

February: Amid a notable lack of evidence, five students are expelled after allegedly stripping at a bachelor party off campus.1


Highest Enrollment in History

Cottey achieves a record enrollment of 417 students.2 396 of these live in one of the three halls, which were built to house a maximum of 355 students.


Two Associate Degrees Offered

Cottey offers differentiated Associate degrees for the first time. Now students can earn an Associate of Arts degree, an Associate of Science degree, or both.

International Flag Garden, 2010 Flag Garden, 2010.3

International Flag Garden

April 9: The Blanche Hinman Dow International Flag Garden is dedicated on Founder's Day. The garden stands at the north end of Reeves Hall.


RBAC Finished

RBAC sketch, 1995 Sketch of RBAC, 1995.

The Rubie Burton Academic Center is finished, including the renovation of the old Academic Building (now called Alumnae Hall).

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