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Events include: eruption of Mount St. Helens, Bhopal disaster, Space Shuttle Challenger, Iran-Contra affair, nuclear meltdown of Chernobyl power plant, Exxon Valdez oil spill, Tiananmen Square Massacre, fall of the Berlin Wall, end of the Cold War

1980s: The role of women in the workplace greatly increases.

1980: Women become the majority of all college students at 51%.

Cottey Presidents:
Dr. Evelyn L. Milam (1974-1986)
Dr. Helen R. Washburn (1986-2004)

Cottey College sign, 1989
Cottey College sign, 1989.5

Cottey campus map, 1981
Cottey campus in 1981.6

Main Hall dining room, 1981 The former Main Hall dining room is renovated, 1981.1


Main Hall Renovated

After a deteriorating pillar is found in Main Hall in 1976, the building is completely renovated to bring it up to code and ensure its longevity.1 It is gutted and the corridor connecting it to Rosemary Hall is demolished, but otherwise its facade remains essentially the same.


Washington-Raney suite, c. 1978 Washington suite, 1978.

Ghostly Experience

A student in Washington suite of Reeves Hall reports that she was grabbed by someone on the way to the bathroom. Security is called and everyone is told to stay in their rooms. The encounter is attributed to the ghost known as the Black Spirit.


Centennial Year

Cottey College begins celebrating its 100th year.

Centennial Dinner

The Red Room in Robertson Hall's basement is redecorated to become the Centennial Room. The traditional Red Room dinner becomes Centennial Dinner, when each suite is served a formal five-course meal of their choosing, once per year.


Friends Meet statue, 1987Teri poses in front of the "Friends Meet" statue, 1987.

Friendship Circle

October 11: The Friendship Circle is dedicated.2 The central statue, entitled "Friends Meet," was sculpted by Carole Harrison for the college's 100th anniversary. The outer edge of the circle is paved with bricks made in Nevada over 100 years earlier.

Academic Building Remodeled

The Academic Building is remodeled to increase space for science labs and to add a classroom in the basement.2 Additionally, the computer lab is moved to larger room.

New Production Camera

A 16-foot long process camera is installed in Neale Hall.2 It is valued at $20,000.

Chemistry class with Dr. Fowler, 1981 Dr. Rosemary Fowler helps Ellen Becker in the chemistry lab, 1981.


Microscale Labs

Cottey is one of the first 10 colleges in the U.S. to convert its chemistry labs to microscale technology.


New Computers

Cottey adds dozens of new computers, thanks to a $30,000 bank grant.3 A second computer lab is set up in the Academic Building with 25 new Tandon computers and several printers. Faculty receive new computers as well.

Stockard Hall Razed

Stockard Hall, former home of Cottey's founder, president, and dean, is demolished after 80 years as part of Cottey's physical plant.4

Performing Arts Center sketch, 1987 An architect's sketch of the Performing Arts Center, 1987.


Performing Arts Center Built

The Haidee and Allen Wild Center for the Arts is built west of P.E.O. Hall.

Freshmen Arrive First

For the first time, the freshmen class arrives to campus before the seniors. This is partly an effort to reduce hazing.

First Study Room

The first study room is placed in Reeves Hall in response to student suggestions. They are soon added to P.E.O. and Robbie as well.

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