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Events include: Economic recession, Vietnam War, Cold War, Apollo 13, oil crisis, Watergate scandal, launch of Voyager 1 spacecraft, Civil Rights Movement, feminist movement, environmental movement, birth of modern computers

1970s: Several established women’s colleges, as well as men's colleges, become coeducational.

1972: Title IX of the Education Amendment bans sex discrimination in federally funded education programs. As a result, participation of women in professional schools and athletics programs skyrockets.

1974: The Women’s Educational Equity Act provides financial assistance for efforts to ensure gender equity.

1976: 46% of female high school graduates aged 25-29 completed one or more years of college, compared with 58% of their male peers.

Cottey Presidents:
Dr. Jon Olaf Hondrum (1969-1974)
Dr. Evelyn L. Milam (1974-1986)

A senior rally, c. 1976
A senior rally, c. 1976.6

Hinkhouse Center, c. 1972 Hinkhouse Center, c. 1972.


Hinkhouse Center Built

Hinkhouse Center is built, containing the new pool, gym, bookstore, and student union facilities (including Chellie Club).

Traditions Ban Lifted

The duck returns as mascot of the senior class, as do duck jackets. Both had been banned in 1965. Originally called "Hermann," the duck mascot changes gender and is now named "Hermatrude."

Neale Hall art gallery, 1986 Neale Hall art gallery, 1986.


Neale Hall Becomes Arts Center

As a "temporary" measure, Neale Hall is transformed from a gym to an arts center. It remains the home of Cottey's art department today.



April 3: Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy comes to Cottey and quickly disappoints students and faculty alike.1 Read more here.


New Cottey President

Dr. Evelyn Milam takes over as president of Cottey College. She ushers in an era of increased responsibility and privilege for students.3

Academic Building dedication, 1974 Dedication of the Academic Building, 1974.5 (Dr. Milam at right.)

Academic Building Finished

Cottey's Academic Building is erected behind the Library. Finally classrooms and labs can be moved out of Main and Rosemary halls. However, the college quickly outgrows the new building, and some classes are again held in Main Hall in 1976.

Key Cards

November: Key card readers are installed at the entrances of the three residence halls.

Cars Allowed on Campus

December: Second-year students are allowed to have cars on campus for the first time.4 19 students obtained car permits.

Destroyed Cottey sign, 1977 The busted college sign, 1977.6


Vandals Strike Again

Sept. 18: Vandals cause $2,500 in property damage in the early hours of the morning.6 At BIL Hill, a student’s car is pushed through a wood rail fence and one of the masonry pillars is busted. On main campus, one of the two new Cottey signs is knocked down and broken. The signs had been handmade by physical plant personnel the previous summer.

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