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Events include: World War II, the Holocaust, Pearl Harbor attack, Japanese-American internment, D-Day, atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, creation of the State of Israel

1944: The G.I. Bill is passed, providing educational benefits to white World War II veterans. Women use about 3% of the benefits.

Cottey Presidents:
Dr. Marjorie Mitchell (1938-1949)
Dr. Blanche Hinman Dow (1949-1965)

Cottey College sign, c. 1947
Cottey College sign, c. 1947.4

Faculty House, c. 1940 The Faculty House, c. 1940.6


Faculty House Purchased

A house on West Cherry Street is purchased for faculty housing. It is the former home of bank president F.H. Glenn and was built in 1903. Since 1953 it has been the Cottey President's House.


Cottey is fully accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.

Founder's Death

July 16: Virginia Alice Cottey Stockard dies.

Cottey's cool new bus, 1940. Cottey's cool new bus, 1940.7

New Bus

Oct: Cottey receives its "new luxurious college bus, in green and cream color."1 It narrowly escapes serious damage two months later when Missouri Hall burns down.

Missouri Hall on fire, 1940 Missouri Hall at the height of the fire, 1940.7

Missouri Hall Fire

Dec. 26: Missouri Hall mysteriously burns down over winter break. President Mitchell's dog, Dina, dies in the fire.


Expansion Plans

Cottey drafts plans for its expansion to 300 students (from its current capacity of 140), and requests that Nevada close the block of South Olive Street that runs through the college.2


BIL Hill Lodge, c. 1964 BIL Lodge, c. 1964.

Jeans Allowed for One Day

Students are allowed to wear jeans to class for one day only ― and it's a Saturday. (At this time, Cottey students attended class on Saturdays and had Mondays free.)


BIL Hill Purchased

Thirty-three acres of land north of Radio Springs Park is donated to the college by the BILs (P.E.O. husbands). The area, originally known as "East Hill," is now called BIL Hill. A lodge is built and used for picnics, meetings, and slumber parties.

Reeves Hall under construction, 1949 Reeves Hall under construction, 1949.5

Reeves Hall Built

Reeves Hall is built where Missouri Hall used to stand.

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