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Events include: the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, Roosevelt's New Deal, end of Prohibition, World War II, the Holocaust, radio becomes dominant form of mass media, advent of color motion pictures, Amelia Earhart disappears, Hindenburg explosion, advent of swing music

1935: Mary McLeod Bethune organizes the National Council of Negro Women, a coalition of black women's groups that lobbies against job discrimination, racism, and sexism.

Cottey Presidents:
Dr. Mary Rose Prosser (1929-1933)
Dr. Florence E. Boehmer (1933-1937)
Dr. Orpha Stockard (1937-1938)
Dr. Marjorie Mitchell (1938-1949)

Students in front of Main Hall, c. 1939 Cottey students pose on the steps of Main Hall, c. 1938.2


Elementary School Closed

Following a successful trial of Cottey's teaching department practicing in Nevada's public schools, Cottey's elementary school is dropped.


High School Dropped

The executive board of the P.E.O. Supreme Chapter decides to discontinue Cottey's academy (high school) to focus on the college department.

First State P.E.O. Scholarship

The first state P.E.O. scholarship given to a Cottey student is presented by the Colorado State Chapter.


Dr. Prosser Ousted

Cottey President Dr. Prosser is asked to resign over concerns that she does not put enough emphasis on religion at the college. Dr. Florence Boehmer is appointed as her replacement.


Founder's Day Moved

Founder’s Day is moved from October to March.


Ten-Year Plan

A 10-year plan for Cottey is adopted by the P.E.O. at the Supreme Chapter convention in Yellowstone Park. Included is a provision for a new residence hall to house 100 students ― the future P.E.O. Hall.

Neale Hall, c. 1938 Neale Hall after the fire, c. 1938.


P.E.O.s Furnish Suites

August: The Missouri state chapter of P.E.O furnishes the northernmost suite of Main Hall in honor of Hallie Newell, president of Supreme Chapter.1 In addition, Oklahoma P.E.O.s furnish a suite in Rosemary Hall.

Neale Hall Fire

Aug. 26: A fire starts in Neale Hall, destroying laboratory equipment and the entire upper floor. It is repaired by 1938 without the upper floor. It was a real crisis for Cottey, and sped up the planning for P.E.O. Hall.

Dr. Boehmer Resigns

Cottey President Dr. Boehmer resigns. Dr. Orpha Stockard, the Dean of Faculty, acts as president until 1938.


P.E.O. Hall, c. 1940 P.E.O. Hall, c. 1940.

Mitchell Becomes President

Dr. Marjorie Mitchell is appointed President of Cottey.


P.E.O. Hall Dedicated

Mar. 27: P.E.O. Hall is dedicated on Founder’s Day (V.A.C. Stockard’s birthday). Read about students moving into the building in this 1939 Cottey Bulletin article.

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