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Events include: Panic of 1893, commercial production of automobiles, discovery of radioactivity and X-rays, temperance movement, Klondike gold rush of 1896, Spanish-American War

Cottey Presidents:
Virginia Alice Cottey (1884-1922, 1923-1929)

Cottey girls play basketball, c. 1890s
Cottey students play basketball, c. 1890s.

Cottey campus in 1890
Main Hall in 1890.3


Miss Cottey Weds

Virginia Alice Cottey marries Sam Stockard in the parlor of Main Hall.

Culinary Department

Cottey's culinary department opens.

Mother Cottey's house, 1891 Mother Cottey's house, 1891.1


Mother Cottey House Built

A house is built for Virginia's mum, Sarah Elizabeth Cottey (known as Mother Cottey) on the corner of West Austin and South College streets.1 Daughters Annie and Mary Cottey live in the home as well. It is razed in 1962 to make way for Ross Memorial Library.


Advisory Board Organized

Alice sets up an advisory board for Cottey, including members of the Southern Methodist Church.

Tennis Courts Added

Tennis courts are built where Rosemary Hall would later stand, much to Alice's chagrin.

Nevada Union Depot Union depot, c. 1910.


Nutting Party

October: The students picnic at Tucker Lake, where they pick pecans and black walnuts.

Union Depot Opened

A new train depot and hotel are built in Nevada. Cottey girls are not allowed to attend the opening ceremonies.


Central Heating

Cottey receives central heating. Alice's credit is not accepted by the plumber, because she is a woman. She must find a male property owner to co-sign for her, even though she owns a college.

Sam is College Secretary

Sam Stockard, V.A. Cottey's husband, becomes secretary to the college. The job involves writing and meeting with prospective students.

Cottey faculty, c. 1890s V.A. Cottey (second from right) sits with the faculty of Cottey College, including her sister Mary (far right), 1893.4


No Money to Pay the Teachers

An economic depression hits the country, and V.A. Cottey cannot afford to pay her teachers what she promised. In a show of loyalty, the teachers choose stay at Cottey anyway.

Sam Stockard Dies

Sam Stockard dies on Thanksgiving in Kirbyville. His funeral is held in the Main Hall chapel.


First International Student

Tsao Vong-Jung (sometimes transliterated as "Zao Voin Yum" and also known as Lavinia Marshall) becomes the first Chinese student (and probably the first student of color) to enroll at Cottey. She is interested in becoming a Christian missionary in China. V.A.C. Stockard waives her tuition. Miss Yung leaves Cottey in 1902.2

John Teaches at Cottey

John Stockard, V.A. Cottey's stepson, begins teaching English, Greek, and other subjects at the college.

Minstrel Show

Cottey students perform a minstrel show.


First Halloween Party

The first Halloween party is held at Cottey. Everyone parades around campus dressed as ghosts.

Christmas Party

A Christmas masquerade party is held. Dr. Blitz, professor of music, wins the prize for most ridiculous costume ― he is a 'prima donna.'

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