Washington Suite

(Formerly Washington-Raney Suite)

Reeves - 1st Floor

Intended Occupancy: 10
Kitchen: Smallest
Bathroom: Newly renovated, average size
Views: P.E.O. (North), Chapel and Robbie
(West), Library (East)
Washington floorplan


Washington suite was originally named after Bessie R. Raney (after whom Raney Dining Room is named).
Washington-Raney suite, 1978
Washington-Raney Suite, 1978.2
Washington suite page
Washington Suite page, 2006.
Bessie Raney, c. 1937
Bessie Rodrick Raney, Cottey College donor and past Supreme Chapter president of the P.E.O.1

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  2. Tinsley, Beverly. "Cottey: A Feeling of Home." The P.E.O. Record. Apr. 1978: 6-8.
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