Wallace Suite

(Formerly Byler Suite)

Robbie - 1st Floor

Intended Occupancy: 8
Kitchen: Smallest
Bathroom: Smallest
Views: Performing Arts Center (North), chapel (East), houses (West)

Fact: Wallace is the smallest suite on campus, contains the smallest room on campus, and is the only suite without a bathtub.
Wallace floorplan


While the suite was originally named after Rachel Squibb Byler, a P.E.O. who supported the suite in honor of her husband, it was later renamed for Florence M. Wallace, president of the Supreme Chapter of the P.E.O. from 1973 to 1975.

Originally the suite housed visiting P.E.O.s (which is why there is a now-defunct deadbolt lock on the inside of Wallace's double doors).

Byler suite was known as the Suite de EspaƱol. Every Wednesday the suitemates would endeavor to speak Spanish and serve tasty Mexican and Spanish treats.

"Byler" suite was refurbished and renamed "Wallace" suite. Prior to this, the suite had deep pile blue shag carpeting.
Wallace suite preparing for Hanging of the Greens, 2005
Wallace suitemates Francie and Courtney preparing for Hanging of the Greens, 2005.
Closed Due to Shovel, 2005
"Closed Due to Shovel," 2005.
Wallace suite page, 2006
Wallace suite page, 2006.
Florence Wallace, c. 1973
Florence Wallace, c. 1973.
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