Southeastern Suite

(Formerly Pacific Northwest Suite)

Robbie - 3rd Floor

Intended Occupancy: 10
Kitchen: Average size
Bathroom: Average size
Views: Chapel (East), Performing Arts Center (North), parking lot and field (South)

Southeastern suite is supported by the P.E.O. chapters of Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina.
Southeastern floorplan


Southeastern was named "Pacific Northwest Suite" until 1974.
Southeastern suite Christmas, 1975
"Sharon's Christmas haul," 1975.
Southeastern suite Christmas, 1975
"Get off my back!!" 1975.
Southeastern suitemate Nancy in Robbie parlor, 1975
"Nancy finally makes TV" in Robbie's parlor with Santa Claus, 1975.
Daisies and Pistols, 1988
"Daisies & Pistols" relax before performing at Hobo Dinner on Halloween, 1988. (Stacie, Michele, Paula, Amy, Sherry.)
Amy and Adrea, c. 1989
Roomies Amy and Adrea pose in Southeastern, c. 1989.
Adrea's half of the room, c. 1989
Adrea's half of the room, c. 1989.
Michele smoking in a smoking suite, c. 1989
Michele smokes in Southeastern when it was a smoking suite, c. 1989.
Amy and Stacie, c. 1989
Stacie and Amy, c. 1989.
Amy and Stacie's room, c. 1989
Amy and Stacie's room, c. 1989.
Amy and Sherrie, c. 1989
Amy and Sheryl, c. 1989.
Southeastern suite
Southeastern suite before Hanging of the Greens, 2004. (Marquel, Jen, Michelle, Anna, Ashley, Kana.)
Southeastern suite page, 2006
Southeastern suite page, 2006.
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