Santa Barbara Suite

(Formerly Beardsley Suite & Beardsley-Atwater Suite)

Robbie - 2nd Floor

Intended Occupancy: 13
Kitchen: Average size
Bathroom: Average size
Views: Performing Arts Center (North), Chapel (East), houses (West)

Mascot: Boobs
Santa Barbara floorplan


Santa Barbara/Beardsley has a long history as the suite of The Boobs. At least as early as 1979 during Meet the Suites, they stuffed balloons in their shirts and sang a song to the tune of the Addams Family theme. They have since been known as "The Boobs" and continue to identify as such today.


Santa Barbara was part of the largest chain of pranks during the 2005-06 year, which also involved Southeastern and Dakota suites. On January 21st, 2006, Southeastern and Dakota teamed up to steal all of Santa Barbara's furniture. They placed the pieces all over Robbie Hall, including numerous suites and the elevator. (Actually, t was Louisiana suite who moved their contraband Santa Barb furniture to the elevator.)
Beardsley suite Christmas, 1975
"Here's a toast to you," 1975.
Beardsley suite goddess, c. 1976
"A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush," c. 1976.
Beardsley suitemates at BIL Hill, c. 1976
Beardsley suitemates in the BIL Hill Lodge, c. 1976.
Beardsley suitemates at Emanon, 1985
Beardsley suitemates attend Emanon dressed in their finest nightclub attire, 1985. (Courtesy Staci Thompson.)
Santa Barbara doors, 2005
Santa Barbara suite doors, 2005.
Santa Barbara's barren suite
Santa Barbara after being ransacked by Southeastern and Dakota suites, 2006. (Pictured here are non-Santa Barbarians Jocelyn, Anya, and Alyssa.)
Santa Barbara mirror
Santa Barb's mirror with a message from Southeastern and Dakota, 2006.
Santa Barbara's sign-out sheet
Southeastern and Dakota were nice enough to sign the check-out sheet for Santa Barb's furniture, 2006.
Santa Barbara suite page, 2006
Santa Barbara suite page, 2006.
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