Rosemary Suite

Robbie - 2nd Floor

Intended Occupancy: 14
Kitchen: Average size
Bathroom: Average size
Views: Parking lot & field (South), Houses (West), Chapel & Reeves (East)

Details: Has two connected single rooms.


Rosemary suite was named after Rose Cottey and Mary Boddie, two Cottey professors who taught at the college for 27 years. The suites of Rosemary Hall were closed upon completion of Robbie, so a suite was chosen to carry on the name. It is supported by alumnae donations.
Rosemary floorplan
Rosemary suitemate Itsuko's Christmas gifts, 1975
"Itsuko's Christmas haul," 1975.
Rosemary suitemates around their Christmas tree, 1976
Rosemary suitemates around their Christmas tree, 1976.
Rosemary's passdown shelf, c. 2008
Rosemary's passdown shelf, c. 2008. (Courtesy Sarah Jones.)
Rosemary suite living room, c. 2008
Rosemary's living room, c. 2008. (Courtesy Sarah Jones.)
Rosemary duck passdown, c. 2008
The Rosebuds duck passdown, c. 2009. (Courtesy Sarah Jones.)
Rosemary suite's kitchen, c. 2008
Rosemary's kitchen, c. 2008. (Courtesy Sarah Jones.)
Rosemary Rosebuds, c. 2008
Rosemary Rosebuds (and ducks), c. 2008. (Courtesy Sarah Jones.)
Mary Boddie, c. 1915
Mary Boddie, one of the namesakes of Rosemary suite, c. 1915.
Rosemary suite page, 2006
Rosemary suite page, 2006.
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