Louisiana Suite

Robbie - 1st Floor

Intended Occupancy: 10
Kitchen: Small
Bathroom: Newly renovated, average size, handicap-accessible
Views: Houses (West), parking lot and field (South)

Details: Louisiana is the only fully handicap-accessible suite in Robbie Hall. It is also the suite shown to tours of P.E.O.s and prospective students.
Louisiana floorplan

Louisiana suite Christmas, 1975
Louisiana suitemates surround their tree, 1975.
Louisiana suite, 1978
Louisiana suite, 1978. Note the duck shelf.1
Louisiana common room 
Louisiana living room. The walls are decorated with pictures of native birds.
Knitting in LA
In fall of 2005, Louisiana was the knitting suite. Even Jen of Southeastern stops by to try her hand. (Malinda, Jen, Portia, Kat, Cami.)
An empty double room
An empty double room in Louisiana, 2006.
Louisiana Mafia
The LA suitemates called themselves the Louisiana Mafia in 2005-06. (Michaelangelo, Corbin D., Pippin, Brian, Armond, Alejandro, & Alexavier.)
Louisiana suite logo, 2006
The LA suite emblem, memorializing the 2005-06 year's adventures.
  Louisiana suite page, 2006
Louisiana suite page, 2006.

Works Cited:

  1. Tinsley, Beverly. "Cottey: A Feeling of Home." The P.E.O. Record. Apr. 1978: 6-8.
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