Illinois Suite

(Formerly Illinois-Parks Suite)

P.E.O. - 2nd Floor

Intended Occupancy: 10
Kitchen: Average size
Bathroom: Newly renovated, average size
Views: Physical Plant and houses (North), Courtyard (West), Neale Hall and Main Hall (East)
Illinois floorplan


Illinois suite was previously named "Illinois-Parks" to honor Grace R. Parks.
Illinois Parks suite feed
Illinois-Parks suite feed, 1965.
  Illinois-Parks suite Christmas, 1975
"Ducks and bunnies at Christmas?" 1975.
Illinois-Parks suitemates dressed for Red Room dinner, 1976
Illinois-Parks suitemates dressed for Red Room dinner, 1976. (Front: Wai-Yee Lim, Jane Weinman, Cindy Clark, Ann Handley, Lynn Davis, Martha Palmer. Back: Carla Wright, Lori Lee, Tawn Gale, Liz King. Courtesy Christine Renner.)
Parks suite party, 1980
Illinois-Parks suite party, 1980.
  Illinois suite page, 2006
Illinois suite page, 2006.
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