Co-Thom Suite


Robbie - 3rd Floor

Intended Occupancy: 13
Kitchen: Average size
Bathroom: Average size
Views: Performing Arts Center (North), chapel and Reeves (East), houses (West)

Mascot: Frog
Co-Thom floorplan


Colorado-Thompson suite was named after Gladys McCue Thompson, the first Cottey graduate to become president of the Colorado State Chapter of the P.E.O. ― and the first person to be honored with a Cottey suite.

Colorado was the first state chapter to sponsor a suite. They gave $1,000 in honor of Mrs. Thompson to furnish her old suite on the second floor of Rosemary Hall (known as the Colorado suite). In 1959 the suite sponsorship was transferred to Robbie Hall.

Co-Thom was known for its shenanigans this year, such as its constant rearrangement of furniture, building forts, and filming weird movies. Or maybe this wasn't known at all... The suite motto that year was "Let's do it tomorrow!"
Co-Thom fort, 2004
Co-Thom fort, 2004.
Co-Thom Christmas, 1975
"Christmas joys," 1975.
Holiday Greetings from Co-Thom
Co-Thom's holiday photo, 2004, based on the card Dr. Rogers sent out that year. (Christine, Anya, Jocelyn, Brianne, Beilei, Susie, Molly.)
Co-Thom TV nook
Co-Thom TV nook, 2004.
Co-Thom common room
Co-Thom common room, 2004.
Making caramel apples for Halloween, 2004
Molly, Anya, and Beilei prepare to make caramel apples for Halloween, 2004.
Caramel apples, 2004
The finished apples, 2004.
R2D2 in the bathroom
R2D2 passdown in the bathroom, 2004.
Co-Thom suite page, 2006
Co-Thom suite page, 2006.
Gladys McCue Thompson, 1975
Gladys McCue Thompson, 1975.
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