Co-Min Suite


Robbie - 3rd Floor

Intended Occupancy: 10
Kitchen: Average size
Bathroom: Average size
Views: Houses (West), Performing Arts Center (North)


Colorado-Minear was named after Lola Minear, past Colorado State Chapter President of the P.E.O.
Co-Min floorplan

Hotel Minear

Staci Thompson, cSc '86, describes the Hotel Minear tradition:

We had a suite tradition of being Hotel Minear, so we all had our own t-shirts made as freshman to join in, complete with nasty nicknames on the back. Can't even remember my nickname, darn it! As part of the tradition, there was one particular night, maybe the night of the first dance of the year on campus, when we had to make a banner that said "Hotel Minear, $1.98+tax" and hang it over the front door of Robbie. I remember that my first year we were in the middle of hanging it when the Dean came by and asked what we were doing, but he didn't make us stop...

More Photos

  1975 1984 1985 1986 2003 2005 2006  
  Co-Min Christmas, 1975
"Yes Minear, there's a Christmas," 1975.
(Courtesy Staci T. '86)
Co-Min suitemates, 1984
Co-Min suitemates, 1984.
Co-Min seniors during Dottey Cottey, 1984
Co-Min seniors in their DJs during Dottey Cottey, 1984.
Co-Min seniors at Dottey Cottey, 1984
The seniors pose after Dottey Cottey, 1984.
Boys in Co-Min suite, 1984
Nevada BOYS in the suite, c. 1984.
Studying in Co-Min, c. 1984
"Studying" in Co-Min, c. 1984.
On the phone in Co-Min, c. 1984
A suitemate talks on the suites only phone in Co-Min living room, c. 1984.
Co-Min Christmas tree, 1984
Co-Min Christmas tree, 1984.
Yinka and Staci in Co-Min, 1984
Yinka and Staci, 1984.
Jantina and Gloria, 1985
Jantina and Gloria, 1985.
(Courtesy Staci T. '86)
Co-Min suitemates, 1985
Co-Min suitemates pose on the steps of Main, 1985.
Co-Min at BIL Hill picnic, 1985
Co-Min at the BIL Hill picnic, 1985.
Terri, Teri, and Deanna at the BIL Hill picnic, 1985
Terri, Teri, and Deanna at the BIL Hill picnic, 1985.
Staci with her freshmen, c. 1985
Staci with her freshmen, c. 1985.

Gloria works on her typewriter while listening to music on a Walkman, c. 1985. Technology!
Jamie and Staci, 1985
Jamie poses in her baby blues with tough-guy Staci, 1985.
Co-Min suite consequences, c. 1985
Suite consequences for Terri, Gayle, and Jamie, c. 1985.
Jamie and Dana at BIL Hill, c. 1985
Jamie and Dana at BIL Hill, c. 1985. Note the Cottey van.
Jamie and Angi, c. 1985
Jamie and Angi, c. 1985.
Jamie in sunglasses, c. 1985
Jamie can't have too many sunglasses, c. 1985.
Deanna in Co-Min, c. 1985.
Deanna's door, c. 1985
Deanna's suitemates made sure she had everything she needed to survive a long study session, c. 1985.
  Puppies in Co-Min's bathroom, c. 1985
Smuggled puppies in the bathroom, c. 1985.
  Teri in Co-Min suite at Founders, 1987
Your Hotel Minear guide, Teri, takes you around the suite during Founder's Weekend, 1987. (Courtesy Staci T. '86)
(Courtesy Molly R. '05)
Co-Min suite
Co-Min suitemates 2003-04. (Back: Sara, Kelly, Sarah, Molly. Front: Debbie, Leslie, Ashley.)
Co-Min suite
Co-Min suite after VAC Hour, 2003. (Back: Elizabeth, Sara, Carey, Sayo. Front: Debbie, Sarah, Kelly, Molly, Ashley.)
Co-Min suite
Co-Min Centennial Dinner, 2003. (Elizabeth, Leslie, Kelly, Sara, Molly, Sarah, Sayo, Carey, Debbie, Ashley.)
  Co-Min suite page, 2006
Co-Min suite page, 2006.
(Courtesy Beth P. '07)
Co-Min seniors in DJs, 2006
Co-Min seniors sport their Duck Jackets, 2006. (Clarissa, Rachel, Casey, Beth.)
Co-Min at Dottey Cottey, 2006
Co-Min seniors at Dottey Cottey, 2006.
Co-Min suitemates after Dottey Cottey, 2006
Co-Min suitemates pose after Dottey Cottey, 2006.
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