Arkansas Suite

P.E.O. - 2nd Floor

Intended Occupancy: 10
Kitchen: Average size
Bathroom: Newly renovated, average size
Views: Physical Plant and houses (North), Courtyard (East), Performing Arts Center (West)
Arkansas floorplan
Arkansas suitemates, c. 1965
Sue and Marty, "two Arkansas belles, ham it up with their favorite expression, 'The South shall rise again!'" c. 1965.
Arkansas suitemates dressed for Red Room dinner, 1976
Arkansas suitemates dressed for Red Room dinner, 1976. (Front: Cathy, B.J., Ronda, Jennifer, Janet. Back: Kathy, Deirdre, Ann, Julia, Jill. Courtesy Christine Renner.)
Iowa and Arkansas suites' Italian Dinner, 1976
Iowa and Arkansas suites' traditional Italian Dinner, 1976. (Front row waiters: Ronda, Susan, Jennifer. Back: Doe, Deirdre, Ann, Pam, Rachel, Kathy, B.J. Courtesy Christine Renner.)
Arkansas suite page, 2006
Arkansas suite page, 2006.
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