Reeves Hall

1949 - Present

Reeves Hall, c. 1950s
Reeves Hall, c. 1950s.


California-Weller (California)
New Mexico
Rubie (Marguerite, Washington)
Washington (Washington-Raney)

Reeves is the middle child of the present dormitories. Its lobby is reminiscent of a hotel, its hallways hearken back to a 19th century school, and its suites are similar to New York apartments. Reeves has the smallest kitchens, but the living areas are spacious enough. The hall has no air conditioning, but it retains its high ceilings. It also has proper closets, unlike Robbie Hall, and its huge basement makes it the perfect venue for G.P. in October.

Planning & Construction

The building of a second residence hall had been planned since 1945, but was postponed till spring of 1948.4 In the fall of the previous year, funds for the new building were borrowed from the P.E.O.'s Educational Loan Fund (to be paid back with 3% interest). The Ohio P.E.O. delegation proposed naming the hall after Winona Evans Reeves (past president of the Supreme Chapter of the P.E.O. and editor of The P.E.O. Record), which was seconded by delegates from Colorado and Texas. McCarthy Construction Company completed the hall in 1949 for $439,217. A special committee was appointed to furnish the new dorm.

Before Hinkhouse Center was built, Chellie Club and the Cottey Bookstore were housed in Reeves' basement.5 In 1972, both were moved to Hinkhouse.


  Chellie Club Exteriors Interiors Holidays Miscellaneous  
Chellie Club
Chellie Club, c. 1952
"The Chellie Club, Cottey's fountain and snack bar, is the perfect place to buy suite-feed or a mid-afternoon snack," c. 1952.10
Chellie Club and rec room of Reeves Hall, c. 1952
Cottey students chat and play cards in Reeves' rec room, c. 1952.10
Chellie Club, c. 1959
"Taking a well-deserved break from a busy schedule are the Sphinx Editors," c. 1959.12 Carol Teskey, Delores Walker, Sharon Downie, Kathryn Ericksen, Mary Liscum.
Chellie Club, 1963
Chellie Club, 1963.17
Chellie Club, 1965
Junior officers meet in Chellie Club, 1965.2 Linda Turpin, Chris Vance, Mary Topp, Dorothy Scott, Chigee Cloninger.
Chellie Club, c. 1966
"The Club," c. 1966.11
Chellie Club, c. 1966
"So what about my diet?" c. 1966.11
Students play bridge in Chellie Club, c. 1966
"One more hand, then I've GOT to study!" c. 1966.11
Playing cards in Chellie Club, c. 1966
Playing cards in Chellie, c. 1966.11
Reeves Exteriors
Laying of Reeves Hall's cornerstone, 1948
Laying of the cornerstone, 1948.13
Reeves Hall under construction, 1949
Reeves Hall under construction, c. 1949.13
Reeves Hall, c. 1952
Reeves, c. 1952.10
Reeves Hall, c. 1952
Reeves, c. 1952.10
Reeves Hall, c. 1960
Reeves Hall, c. 1960.4
Reeves Hall, 1969
Reeves Hall and Cottey sign, 1969.7
Reeves Hall and the Chapel, 1976
Reeves Hall and the Chapel on a snowy day, 1976.8
Reeves Hall from garden, 2005
Reeves, as seen from the garden, 2005.
Reeves, 2005
East side of Reeves, 2005.
  Reeves Hall, 2005
Reeves Hall, 2005.
Reeves Interiors
Reeves Hall parlor, c. 1952
Reeves parlor, c. 1952.12
Reeves executive officers, 1965
Reeves exec officers Leigh Gill and Cheryl Hartung, 1965.2
Reeves student assistants, 1965
Reeves student assistants, 1965.2
Reeves Hall Christmas tree, 1964
Reeves Hall Christmas tree, 1963.14
Christmas in Reeves Hall, 1964
"Gathering in the parlor after a serenade, the Reeves seniors decorated the Christmas tree which greeted juniors when they awakened," 1964.2
Susprise in Reeves Hall, 1975
Reeves seniors decorated the parlor for Susprise, 1975.1
Susprise in Reeves Hall, 1976
Susprise in Reeves Hall, 1976.16
  Reeves Hall decorated for the holidays, 1976
Reeves parlor decorated for the holidays, 1976.
Reeves Hall dedication
Reeves Hall dedication article, 1949.
Winona Evans Reeves and sisters
Winona Evans Reeves (top) with her sisters Victorine and Maxine.9
Winona Evans Reeves, c. 1938
Winona Evans Reeves, c. 1938.6
Reeves Hall page, 2006
Reeves Hall yearbook page, 2006.3
  Reeves Hall map, 2005
Reeves Hall map, 2005.

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