Cottey Presidents

Dr. Virginia Alice Cottey Stockard, 1915 Dr. Virginia Alice Cottey Stockard, c. 1890
Dr. Virginia Alice Cottey Stockard, c. 1938
Dr. Virginia Alice Cottey Stockard
1884-1922, 1923-1929

Founder, president, professor, and later board member of Cottey College. She received an honorary Doctor of Letters degree from Iowa Wesleyan College in 1930.1
Dr. J.C. Harmon Dr. J.C. Harmon

Formerly the superintendant of Nevada schools. Seven of Cottey's 19 faculty members resigned in protest of his appointment.2 Harmon himself resigned after his first year, in the face of pressing financial difficulties.
Dr. Mary Prosser Dr. Mary Rose Prosser

Formerly of the State University of Iowa.
Prosser was asked to resign because the board felt she was not placing enough emphasis on religion at the college.1
Dr. Florence Boehmer Dr. Florence E. Boehmer
Dr. Orpha Stockard, 1915 Dr. Orpha Stockard, 1915
Dr. Orpha Stockard, c. 1940
Dr. Orpha L. Stockard
1937-1938, 1942-1943

Stockard, who was the Dean of Faculty, acted as Cottey President for 15 months following Dr. Boehmer's release in 1937. She again acted as president during the second semester of 1942-43 while President Mitchell completed her doctoral dissertation.
Dr. Marjorie Mitchell before 1938 Dr. Marjorie Mitchell, c. 1947
Dr. Marjorie Mitchell

Mitchell earned an Master's in English from Radcliffe College and was a candidate for a Doctor of Education degree at Columbia University. (She completed and submitted her dissertation, but never received her degree for unknown reasons.) She received an honorary doctorate degree from Iowa Wesleyan College in 1942. Before coming to Cottey, she was a professor of English and Dean of Women at the University of Akron.
Dr. Mitchell was the first to suggest that Cottey purchase what would become B.I.L. Hill.
Dr. Blanche Hinman Dow Dr. Blanche Hinman Dow

Dow established Cottey as the College of International Friendship.
Dr. Ted McCarrel Dr. Ted McCarrel

Formerly executive dean of student services at University of Iowa. He was also a co-founder and chairman of the Board of Directors of the American College Testing program (ACT).
Dr. Jon Hondrum Dr. Jon Hondrum and Ona Lou Ackley Hondrum Dr. Jon Olaf Hondrum

Formerly the Dean of Instruction at the College of the Sequoias in California. His spouse, Ona Lou Ackley, taught voice at Cottey in 1958-59.
Dr. Evelyn Milam, c. 1977 Dr. Evelyn Milam, c. 1974  Dr. Evelyn L. Milam

Formerly the first woman Director of Admissions for Austin College in Texas.
Dr. Helen Washburn Dr. Helen R. Washburn

Dr. Washburn helped to establish Cottey's Center for Women's Leadership, which opened in 2000.
Dr. Judy Rogers Dr. Judy R. Rogers

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