Cottey Covers of the P.E.O. Record

P.E.O. Record, September 1938
September 1938
"The cover of the Record this month carries the architects sketch of the new dormitory [P.E.O. Hall] now being built on the Cottey college campus.
"It is expected that it will be completed ready for occupancy by the end of the first semister [sic], barring unforeseen delays."
P.E.O. Record, October 1940
October 1940
Cottey senior Betty Labbitt of Montana is featured on this cover. She was a P.E.O. and recipient of the Montana state scholarship in 1939-40. The November issue of the Record states: "Betty's interest is in arts and science. She is active in the Y.W.C.A. and the International Relations club. She does work also in one of the churches of Nevada. This picture as well as others that appear in The Record from time to time indicate the type of girl enrolled in the P.E.O. college."
March 1942 P.E.O. Record
March 1942
"The cover this month is from a photograph of the campus of Cottey College taken from the air. [...] From left to right the buildings are P. E. O. Hall (the dormitory); Neal[e] Hall (physical education building); Rosemary (the auditorium and dormitory); Library; Main Hall (administration and class rooms)."
P.E.O. Record, August 1955
August 1955
"These Seniors are enjoying a golden, sunlit tramp over B. I. L. Hill. Reminiscing, perhaps, about the joyous hours they have loved at Cottey. The symbols on their coats remind us of one of the hightide experiences in college days--days when legends are born which youth so happily interprets."
January 1956 P.E.O. Record
January 1956
"Tall and stately Main Hall Tower reachers toward the blue of the Missouri sky, the symbol of Cottey College. To every Cottey alumna it IS Cottey. Around the first-year student the Tower folds comforting arms. 'Remember, you aren't the first to stroll my campus. You won't be the last.' The Tower beams, nods in quiet dignity, and closes its eyes in memory."
August 1956 P.E.O. Record
August 1956
"'We're off to Cottey,' will re-echo in the homes of scores of P. E. O.'s this month as final preparations are made to visit the campus for the two-day Cottey College Seminar, September 5-7. For many it will mean a change of trains at Union Station, Kansas City, just as it did for these Dottey Cotteys on the cover. This September, Cottey-bound girls will be traveling from 31 different states [... and] will mingle with girls from Hawaii, the Philippines, Holland, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Korea and Colombia in the cultural melting-pot that is Cottey!"
P.E.O. Record, January 1958
January 1958
"THE COTTEY COLLEGE CHAPEL . . . As its spire points to the sky, so its promise of inner peace reaches deep into the soul of the Cottey girl. Dedicated in March, 1957, and presented to the College as a gift from B.I.L.'s, the chapel meets a long-felt need at Cottey College where education and Christian ideals have been inseperable since 1884."
P.E.O. Record, April 1958
April 1958
The Chapel
P.E.O. Record, February 1959
February 1959
"The first snow of the season turns the Cottey College campus into a winter wonderland. Girls from the South always look forward eagerly to their first experience with this meringue topping of Mother Nature. Florida students shown in front of P. E. O. Hall are (back row from the left) Barbara McCullough, Clearwater; Janet Amis, Miami, and Martha Lauth, Fort Myers. Front row, Margaret Sue Flood (left) and Martha Maguire, both from Jacksonville."
P.E.O. Record, January 1960
January 1960
Main Hall
P.E.O. Record, September 1964
September 1964
"An informal moment before the beginning of the academic processional for the fall Convocation at Cottey College finds President Blanche H. Dow receiving last minute assistance for an uncooperative hood from Dr. Orpha Stockard, chairman of the department of English. Watching closely (beginning at Dr. Stockard's left) are Dr. John Strasser, Dr. Henry M. Gregory, Jr., Dr. Beatrice Brooks, Cecil W. Baxter, Jr., Dr. Edwin C. McReynolds and Dr. John A. Caylor."
P.E.O. Record, September 1965
 September 1965
"As Cottey College begins its 81st year, the old and the new of its history could be highlighted in no better way than by showing four of the international students against the backdrop of Main Hall, the first campus building. All are second-year students. They are, from left: Hiroko Asano, Shimizu City, Japan; Loling Mao, of Chinese descent, attending from Baradero, Argentina; Hoi Chan Nguyen, Dalat, South Vietnam, and Almas Bhaloo, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. At the end of the first year at Cottey, Hoi Chan ranked second academically among her classmates and Almas, this year president of Phi Theta Kappa, ranked third."
P.E.O. Record, March 1967
March 1967
"The new Cottey College Lodge on B. I. L. Hill was dedicated December 15 and replaces the lodge destroyed by fire in February, 1966. Located on the same site as the first lodge, the new building is nearly twice as large with an exterior of red brick veneer and western wood cedar siding and window walls on the north and south sides. Inside, the large one-room social area is paneled in pecan wood and a massive fireplace of native stone centers the west wall. The Lodge is used for dinner meetings and social gatherings by both students and Cottey faculty and staff."  
 P.E.O. Record, September 1967
September 1967
"Anyone who has visited Cottey College retains in mind the clear, clean lines of the beautiful chapel which centers its campus. This month a new class will arrive and, as those who have gone before, its members will hear the chapel bells and learn to love this landmark, a gift of husbands of members of the P. E. O. Sisterhood."
 P.E.O. Record, March 1968
March 1968
"A coffee hour in P.E.O. Hall is one of the varied social events that students of Cottey College enjoy. Formal and informal events dot a Cottey student's calendar. In the cover illustration are students from Arizona, California, Colorado, Washington, Louisiana, Minnesota, Illinois, Idaho, and Arizona [sic]."
 P.E.O. Record, March 1969
March 1969
"This attractive sign on Cottey's south campus is a gift of Chapter G, Seattle, in memory of the late Charlotte MacDonald, whose bequest made the gift possible, and in honor of her daughter, Charlotte Malone. Students are, from left, Sarah Helgerson, Iowa; Jane Brackhahn, New Mexico; Sherilyn Robertson, Minnesota; Sachiko Iijima, Japan; Roberta Libbey, Washington."
 P.E.O. Record, September 1970
September 1970
 P.E.O. Record, January 1974
January 1974
"Last winter's snow and ice storms, the worst since the 1880's, left tree limbs intermingled with the breath-taking snow scenes of the Cottey campus. This picture was taken by Forster L. Day, assistant professor of music and director of the Cottey Choir."
P.E.O. Record, October 1977
October 1977
"P.E.O. celebrates 50 years of ownership of Cottey College this month. It was at a convention of Supreme Chapter in October 1927 that P.E.O.s voted to accept Cottey Junior College as a gift from its founder Alice Virginia Cottey Stockard. The college became the second educational project of the Sisterhood."  
 P.E.O. Record, May 1987
May 1987
"Schematic Design for Proposed Performing Arts Center at Cottey College"
P.E.O. Record, March 1989
March 1989
Cottey students pose around the Cottey College sign, with Main Hall in the background.
P.E.O. Record, May-June 1999
May-June 1999
Rubie Burton Academic Center
(Courtesy Christine Renner)

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