P.E.O. Hall

1939 - Present

PEO Hall, 1941
P.E.O. Hall, c. 1941.10


California-Gardner (California)
California-Remy (Illinois-Reeves)
Illinois (Illinois-Parks)

P.E.O. is the oldest of the existing halls, and the only present dorm to be built while V.A.C. Stockard was still alive. It is also the only dorm with a courtyard and gazebo, and its lobby is reminiscent of a posh 1930s-era hotel. The hall has no air conditioning, but it makes up for that with high ceilings and proper closets (unlike Robbie Hall). All of its bathrooms have been remodeled in recent years, making it a charming abode with modern amenities. It is often considered the artists' hall.

Planning & Construction

P.E.O. Hall was the first major building project after the P.E.O. Sisterhood received the college in 1927. Its architect was R.B. Alexander of William B. Ittner, Inc.4 The college requested a "fireproof" dorm capable of housing 100 girls. All suites were furnished by special and individual monetary gifts, and $6,000 was taken from the General Fund of the Sisterhood to furnish all non-suite spaces. The hall was dedicated in March of 1939, and students moved in the following September. P.E.O. Hall increased Cottey's capacity to 140 students.9


  Exteriors Parlor Suites Holidays Miscellaneous  
P.E.O. Exteriors
PEO Hall sketch, 1938
P.E.O. Hall sketch, 1938.8
P.E.O. Hall, c. 1940
P.E.O. Hall, c. 1940.5
P.E.O. Hall entrance, c. 1940
P.E.O. entrance, c. 1940.5
Steps of PEO Hall, c. 1940
Cottey students chat on P.E.O.'s steps, c. 1940.5
Steps of P.E.O., c. 1940
An evening on the steps of P.E.O., c. 1940.5
  PEO Hall, c. 1947
P.E.O. Hall, c. 1947.1
  PEO Hall, 1940s
P.E.O. Hall, c. 1940s.
PEO Hall entrance, c. 1950s
P.E.O. entrance, c. 1940s.
  P.E.O. Hall, c. 1940s
P.E.O. Hall, c. 1940s.

P.E.O. Hall, c. 1960.3
PEO Hall, c. 1976
P.E.O. Hall, c. 1976.7
PEO gazebo
P.E.O. gazebo and courtyard, 2006. (Courtesy Jill M.)
P.E.O. Parlor
P.E.O. parlors, c. 1940
P.E.O. parlors, c. 1940.5
P.E.O. parlor formal gathering, c. 1940
A formal gathering in P.E.O. parlors, c. 1940.5
Faculty tea in P.E.O. parlor, c. 1940
A faculty tea for seniors, c. 1940.5 (Dr. Orpha Stockard is seated at left.)
Coffee hour in P.E.O., c. 1940
Coffee hour in P.E.O. parlor, c. 1940.5
Coffee hour in P.E.O., c. 1965
Coffee hour, c. 1965.2
PEO executive officers, 1965
P.E.O. executive officers Trish Rossell and Annie Leung, 1965.2
PEO student assistants, 1965
P.E.O. student assistants, 1965.2 Seated: Mrs. Hart, Annie Leung. Back: Karen Carter, Anne Davies, Gemsey James, Patti Boehme, Trish Rossell, Margaret Bradley, Suzanne Allen, Carol Campbell, Jane Smyth, Claudia Barton, Judy Ohman, Gigi Fencl.
Coffee Hour in PEO Hall, 1968
Coffee Hour in the parlor, 1968.6 Note the blue and white walls that were part of PEO's 1966 redecoration.
PEO lobby
P.E.O. lobby, 2006. (Courtesy Jill M.)
PEO Hall lobby
P.E.O. lobby, 2006. (Courtesy Jill M.)
PEO lobby
P.E.O. lobby alcove, 2006. (Courtesy Jill M.)
PEO lobby
P.E.O. lobby alcove, 2006. (Courtesy Jill M.)
PEO lobby hallway
P.E.O. lobby hallway, 2006. (Courtesy Jill M.)
  PEO reception desk
P.E.O. reception desk, 2006. (Courtesy Jill M.)
P.E.O. Suites
P.E.O. single room, c. 1940
A single room in P.E.O., c. 1940.5
P.E.O. double bedroom, c. 1940
A double room, c. 1940.5
P.E.O. suite kitchenette, c. 1940
A P.E.O. suite utility (kitchenette), c. 1940.5
  PEO bathroom
A P.E.O. suite bathroom, 2006. (Courtesy Jill M.)
A wreath on P.E.O. Hall, 1964
A wreath on P.E.O. Hall, 1964.
Tearing of the Squares in P.E.O. Hall, 1965
Tearing of the Squares in P.E.O. Hall, 1965.5
Decorating in a P.E.O. suite, 1975
Decorating a P.E.O. suite, 1975.
PEO stairwell
P.E.O. stairwell, 2006. (Courtesy Jill M.)
P.E.O. yearbook page, 2006
P.E.O. Hall yearbook page, 2006.3
P.E.O. Hall map, 2005
P.E.O. Hall map, 2005.

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