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  19?? - Present  
Yater building, 1965
Yater Building, 2008

On the west side of the square stands the Yater building, named after Dr. J.M. Yater, who likely held office there in the 1920s through 1940s.1 On its first floor, the building housed many shoe stores in the early 1900s, including King's, Hamilton, and Middelkamp's. In 1928, a Piggly Wiggly moved in.3 In later years it housed the Renwick Insurance Agency, and is now home of the Allstate office.

King's Shoe Store, c. 1910
The original building housed King's Shoe Store, c. 1910.
Side of King's Shoe Store, c. 1910
South side of King's Shoe Store, c. 1910.1
Yater engraving, 2005
"Yater" engraving on top of building, 2005.
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