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  1928 - Present  
Thornton Bank, c. 1910
c. 1910
Fox Theater in the Thornton Bank building, 2008

The Thornton National Bank building stands on the southwest corner of the square. The original Thornton Bank was erected in 1869.1 This building was demolished in 1928 and replaced with the present structure. Thornton Bank lasted over 100 years, but now the structure is home to the Fox Playhouse theater.

Original Thornton Bank building, c. 1906
Original building, c. 1906.1
Side of Thornton Bank, 2008
"Thornton National Bank" is engraved along the top of the present building, 2008.
Thornton Bank, 2008
North end of Thornton building, 2008.
  Fox Theater front of Thornton Bank, 2008
Fox Playhouse front at south end of building, 2008.

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