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  1909 - Present  
Post office, c. 1909
c. 1909
Post office building, 2008

Nevada's grand new post office was built in 1909.3 The hundreds of correspondence courses of the Weltmer Institute of Magnetic Healing had necessitated larger mail facilities by the turn of the century. The Nevada treasury department began setting aside funds for the proposed building, and acquired a site on the corner of Cherry and Ash streets ― the Duport property, which was then a boarding house.4 Although only $50,000 was appropriated for the marble structure, it ended up totaling $75,000, matching the price of the newly completed Courthouse.3

In the 1960s, the Kennedy administration arranged for a new Nevada post office to be built as one of its many projects to battle the recession.5 The post office moved to the corner of Cherry and Oak, and the fine former residence became the Vernon County Sheriff's Office.1 The building is still in good shape a hundred years later.

Post office, c. 1910
Post office, c. 1910.2
Post office, c. 1910
c. 1910.
Post office, c. 1910
c. 1910.
  Post office, 2008

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