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  1876 - Present  
Rockwood Hotel, c. 1910
c. 1910
Rockwood Hotel, 2008

The Hotel Rockwood building stands on the square's north side. Dr. C.A. Rockwood commissioned it in 1876, making it the oldest building on the square.1 It was constructed by John L. Beagles, the same contractor who built Cottey's Main Hall and Hotel Mitchell. Amazingly, the former hotel is one of the best preserved buildings in Nevada, barring the absence of its eastern section. The building is now occupied by the Thompson-Moore Insurance Agency.

North side of square, c. 1910
North side of the square, c. 1910.2 At the left is Rockwood Hotel, with "Samuel Bros." painted below its trim.
North side of square, c. 1910
North side of the square during a parade, c. 1910.1 At the far left is Rockwood Hotel with people standing on its terrace.
Rockwood Hotel, 2008
What remains of the Rockwood Hotel in 2008. The building is 133 years old.
  Rockwood Hotel, 2008
The central building has been demolished. You can still see a door and the remnants of a staircase on the right wall.

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