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  1888 - 1977  
Duck Block, c. 1900
c. 1900
Site of the Duck Block, 2008

On the northeast corner of Cherry and Washington streets, across from Hotel Mitchell, stood the Duck Block, built by Oliver Duck in 1888 for his new bank.1 The Bank of Nevada was merely one of many tenants over the years. Duck's second banking enterprise in town was the Farm and Home Loan Association, which he founded with businessmen like F.H. Glenn in 1893, and which was housed in the Duck Block for its first few years.

Other tenants of the building included Nevada Trust Co., the Chamber of Commerce, Nevada Beauty College, Nevada Business College, and offices of the Missouri Pacific Railroad. Seniors of Nevada High School attended classes on the third floor for 17 years, before their new school was completed in 1907. The Elks Lodge resided in the building even longer, spending over 50 years in the eastern half of the second floor.

In 1944, a fire nearly destroyed the building, and it was reconstructed without its third story. Around 1977 the structure was razed to make way for the new Citizens State Bank. In later years it was a TeamBank, until March of 2009 when the company failed and was taken over by Great Southern Bank.

Duck Block, c. 1910
Duck Block, when Farm and Home was there, c. 1910.2
Side of Duck Block, c. 1910
Side of Duck Block, c. 1910.2 Note the Nevada Business College sign.
TeamBank on the Duck Block site, 2008
Team Bank's front on Washington St., 2008.
  Cherry St. side of the bank, 2008
Cherry St. side of the bank, 2008.

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