Vernon County Courthouse

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  1908 - Present  
Nevada Courthouse, c. 1908
c. 1908
Nevada Courthouse, 2008

The cornerstone of Vernon County's third courthouse was laid in the center of Nevada's town square in 1906, and the building was completed by 1908.1 Parts of it have been changed to meet with modern standards and needs, but most of the architecture has been preserved in its original state. The second county courthouse stood on this site from 1868 to 1906, but was demolished after citizens realized it was poorly designed and not fireproof.

Vernon's second courthouse
Vernon's second courthouse, 1868-1906.1
Celebration in the square, c. 1870s
A celebration in the square, with the second courthouse on the right, c. 1870s.1 Note the unpaved streets.
The three Vernon County courthouses, c. 1908
The three Vernon County courthouses, pub. c. 1908.
Courthouse, c. 1908
Before the clock was installed, c. 1908.
Courthouse, c. 1908
c. 1909. Look at all the horses!
Courthouse, c. 1910
c. 1910.4 Note the trolley car on the right.
Courthouse, c. 1910
c. 1910.
Courthouse, 1919
Courthouse, c. 1920
c. 1920s.
Courthouse, c. 1930
c. 1930s.
Courthouse, c. 1960
c. 1950s.
Courthouse, c. 1975
c. 1975.
  Courthouse clock tower, 2005
The clock glows red at night, 2005.

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