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1883 - Present
Bank of Nevada and Ballagh's Drugstore, c. 1910
c. 1900
Bank of Nevada building, 2008

This building on the southeast corner of the square has been home to many businesses over its 125 years. It was built in 1883 for the new Citizens Bank of Nevada.1 In 1900, after the bank ran into financial trouble and moved next door, Ballagh's Drugstore and May's bookstore opened on the vacated first floor. When Ballagh's moved, Weaver and Maggie Miller's drugstore replaced it. Then came a series of cafés, including Reed's, Brown's, Vieth's, and Bob Moore's. The building was remodeled with a stone façade by the Masonic Lodge that owned it in 1944. In 2005 it housed the Corner Café, but that restaurant seems to be defunct now.

Bank of Nevada, c. 1910
Bank of Nevada building, c. 1910.4
East square, c. 1910
East square, c. 1910.2 Building on far right. Note the Ballagh's Drugstore sign.
Ballagh's store, 1900
The interior of Ballagh's Drugstore, 1900.1
Armistice celebration in the square, 1916
Armistice celebration, 1918.3 The bank building is at right.
South side of square, 1912
The Bank of Nevada building can be seen in the center of this photo, 1912.1
Veith's Cafe, c. 1960s
Vieth's Café postcard, c. 1960s.

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