Cottey Aerials

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Cottey College, 1940

This northeasterly view of Cottey Campus is a rare sight, straight from the 1940-41 yearbook. The undeveloped pasture in the bottom left corner would be the future home of Robertson Hall.

A clearer portion from the March 1942 P.E.O. Record:

Cottey College aerial, 1940


Cottey College, 1952

This southwesterly view was taken before the Ross Memorial Library, Chapel, and Robbie Hall were built.


Cottey College, c. 1960


Cottey College, 1965

This southwesterly view emphasizes the changes on the southern half of Cottey campus between 1940 and 1965. Note the tennis court next to Neale Hall, and the tennis courts and soccer/hockey field behind P.E.O. Hall. (The field would become the site of the Performing Arts Center in 1989.)


Cottey College, 1977

This southwesterly view comes from a 1977 issue of the P.E.O. Record. Note the additions of the Academic Building and Hinkhouse Center.


2008 satellite image of Cottey
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